Friday, August 04, 2006

Apocalypse Now

My Mom and I are going to walk in the up coming Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk here in Detroit, which consists of us raising $2200 each and then walking 60 miles over the course of three days to raise money for breast cancer research. So yes, that basically means that they are charging us money and then torturing us. Sounds good right?

And in this heat, no less. Record temps! In the words of the illustrious Lewis Black, if you walk outside in weather like this and don't say the word fuck OUTLOUD, then you have anger issues.

Well, people, fuck, it's hot out there.

And my Mom and I are still trying to finish raising the last of our money, so last weekend we decided to have a garage sale. I have to tell you, it's too hot right now to even look out the window, let alone sit outside for two full days trying not to melt like Frosty the Snowman.

Luckily we set up what I like to call a high-tech"sun shelter".

Equally as luckily, I had friends and family who were willing to subject themselves to the harsh elements just to help me.

However, the cupcakes that we made didn't fair quite as well as we did.

We took turns going into the air-conditioned house to cool off and at one point we even ran to the market to buy a giant box of popsicles. We started selling cold bottles of water to the garage-salers, and you would have thought they were liquid heaven. It was a surprisingly fun couple of days, actually. And we raised almost $500 towards our cause.

But seriously, fuck. It was hot out there. Yes, I know that in one weeks time I plan on not only being outside for three days straight, but also WALKING 60 MILES, but I'm praying for one of those rare mid-August Michigan snowstorms.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.