Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Pie: the new crack cocaine

I wanted to post a picture today of the beautiful strawberry-rhubarb pie that I made from scratch this afternoon but, well, there's only two pieces left. One and a half, actually. Hmm ... maybe I should go finish that other half right now. I mean, it's just sitting there being all half eaten and stuff. What's that Taco Bell commercial - 4th meal? It could totally be my fourth meal. Well, fifth really, considering I already had two pieces earlier. Yeah, maybe I should just leave that for tomorrow's forth meal.

It's really not like I ate the whole pie myself. My neighbor gave me some fresh rhubarb out of her garden a few days ago and, as she was the inspiration for the pie to begin with, I had to give her and her husband a few pieces. Then my boyfriend stopped by and had a piece. Well, actually he was on his way home from work and I dared him to eat a piece of the pie and not ask me to marry him (he didn't, come to think of it), and then he had to take a few pieces home for his parents.

So now, from a pie that I baked a few hours ago, I am left with only one and a half pieces. Man, I have to stop being so generous with my baked goods.


Pioneer Woman said...

I've seriously had six meals today. I can't stop. I had a stomach bug for 3 days last week and I think I saved up all my appetite to be re-used today. Gotta go make a strawberry-rhubarb pie now because you made me think of it.

Dan said...

So THIS is why you never post to livejournal anymore. I can't stalk you NEARLY as effectively if you post in multiple places so just stop already.

Just kidding. Call me.