Wednesday, November 08, 2006

How about a little sex talk to go with that beer

I just got home from a benefit for a friend of mine's cousin who recently developed CLL Leukemia. The poor guy, like many of us, has crap insurance which barely covers anything and is struggling to beat this horrible disease and yet still keep food in the fridge. So in honor (and to help) his struggle, we all got drunk and watched some stand-up comedy.

Hey, whatever I can do to help my fellow man.

We were sitting at a table near the front and the guy asks is anyone in the crowd married. My mom (of course) waves her hands. Um, hello, everyone knows that at a comedy show you do not under any circumstances draw attention to yourself. My Mom does not know, or even care about, rules such as these. So he asks her do you and your husband, you know, still ... *insert Billy Crystal patented fist pump into the air*

Everyone at the table laughs and points to me, like this whole discussion is so incredibly inappropriate due to the fact that her daughter is right here. Like, wow, how uncomfortable this must be for her. And then for the rest of the night everyone kept looking at my and doing the fist pump.

Thanks, Mom. I love that even though I'm 26, you can still find ways to embarrass me in public.

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