Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Spring Fever

Churchill Downs has comfy grass. Especially when you've had a few Mint Juleps.

This weekend the boyfriend and I drove down to Kentucky to watch the most illustrius of horse races - The Kentucky Derby. We only decided to go about a week ago. I'm like that sometimes. I hate to plan anything, I'm more prone to last minute "let's get the hell out of here", pack up and leave style of travel. As you can imagine, the airlines love me. But not for this trip. For this trip we drove the 6 hours down to Louisville, arriving at about 4am Saturday morning. We slept a few hours in the car and then headed over to the downs. We spent all afternoon drinking whiskey and betting on horse races and speaking with Southern accents.

We didn't actually get to see the big race because, by the time the actual Derby came on, the infield was insanely crowded with sweaty, drunk people and we couldn't even see the track. Plus we were sweaty and drunk ourselves, so we headed out to a restaurant to ring in Cinco de Mayo with margaritas and yummy Mexican food.

And even though we got pulled over because Bryce was going 35 in a 45 (seriously? who pulls people over for going too slow?), I had a great time.

I love running away for the weekend.

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