Thursday, August 23, 2007


Start with eggplant, straight from my garden

Add stewed tomatoes, onions, garlic, basil, and just a bit of balsamic vinager

Toss with rigatoni and some mozzarella cheese and you have a feast!

Finish (as if the house weren't hot enough at this point) with my homemade peach-cobbler.

Martha Steward would be so proud of me.


Dana Nico said...

um, I don't think Martha Stewart would be proud of you. You thought that I needed a blow torch to make flan.

Carolynne said...

But that's why you love me.

Anonymous said...

hey, i am no officially on this blog site. i haven't written anything yet, but will send you my link once i do. just wanted to check in to see about the new job and your knee and the writing class.

looks like a wonderful dish... hope all else is well.


Dana Nico said...

I DO love you.

steph said...


TTQ said...

I love eggplant straight from my garden..we have the same taste in food. I got my cuban sandwhich today

Carolynne said...

TTQ - Yum for Cuban Sandwiches. Now I'm hungry again.

JO - No new job yet, but hopefully this week I should be getting an offer letter. Did you end up at CW? The knee is much better. I'm in physical therapy but I already have 95% mobility back, so I'm almost back to my old tricks again. The class continues to be challenging and fun. I'm really glad you pointed me towards it. I may take the novel writing class next. So how are things with you? Let me know when your blog is officially up and running and I'll stop by. =)