Monday, August 20, 2007

The only-child in me boiling to the surface

Mostly I love being married and living with someone and all the comes with it, but there are a few things that I miss about being single.

1. Late night music jams. I used to love to turn up the stereo to this-is-why-I-don't-live-in-an-apartment levels and cater to whatever I was feeling at the moment. Maybe it would be a glass of wine and some Damien Rice, or maybe it would be me dancing around the living room like a fool to Justin Timberlake, whatever I was feeling at the time. Just me and the music.

2. Saturday afternoons just for me. Sleeping in late. Getting up and baking muffins or pancakes or scones. Eating them at my kitchen table with a cup of coffee and just enjoying the silence of my own house and the quiet of my own mind.

3. Solo trips to the bookstore. I used to go to the bookstore after work some days and wander around with a cup of coffee for hours. I had no where to be and no one getting bored while I sat in one of the arm chairs with a big pile of books to pour over. Sometimes I would come home, armed with several new books, not to make or eat dinner until like 9 or 10. It was fabulous.

4. Girl's Nights Out. Laughing and dancing my ass off with my girlfriends all night long. Ending up back at my house, alone, half in the bag, stripping off my clothes on the way to bed to pass out - smelling of booze and smoke, but who cared.

Ah, the single life.


Dana Nico said...

you can still do all these things!

stephanie said...

you can totally do all those things...and while i love being married and love spending time together, it is super nice when my husband is out and i ahve the place all to myself just to be quiet.

TTQ said...

I get it. totally.