Thursday, September 13, 2007

And put a little more vodka in the next one, Miguel

So I start the new job on Monday. And yes, I'm being pointedly vague on where I'll be working. Employers read the internet, people! And I'm a pansy. And just in case I ever say anything negative about my job, god forbid, I do not want it to come back to haunt me. Suffice it to say that I'm very excited. The end.

Anyway, in the spirit of my last week of freedom, I headed out last night on a business trip with my husband. When I say "business", I mean that he works and I get to lay around the hotel pool all day, sipping cocktails. Or whatever it is that rich housewives do on their husband's business trips.

I'm currently typing this from a very nice desk at the Day's Inn in lovely Traverse City - where I spent the morning wandering around town, looking in all the cute shops, taking pictures of the harbor, and eating some of the best gelato I've ever tasted. I'm so totally going back there tomorrow.

Or maybe later today. ... After my nap, that is.

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