Friday, October 05, 2007


Yesterday was just one of those days. Murphy's Law kind of stuff. Just about everything that could go wrong did. I even fell down some stairs pretty much onto my face in front of everyone. I called Bryce on my way home, practically in tears. "Today sucked," I told him.

He greeted my at home right at the door and wrapped me up in a big hug. Have I mentioned how great marriage is? Cause, man, he can really just turn my day around, just like that.

We ordered take-out from Noodles, which we ate right in bed while watching Blades of Glory. We cuddled up with a big bowl of popcorn and watched another movie - Evening. Just us, in bed together, the whole night. So perfect.

I guess yesterday wasn't really so bad after all.


TTQ said...

He's a magic man! He wins stuff, he makes you feel better, he married you not once but twice. If he had been there when you fell, I'll bet he would have picked you up and carried you home.

Dana Nico said...

sounds nice.

Carolynne said...

... *swoon*

Anonymous said...

I love you Wife. Being married to you is the best!!