Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bibbity-bobbity bacon

Bryce and I got into a huge fight the night before last. Hugh. Like biggest fight we've ever had huge. There was much yelling, some throwing of things, and I even attempted to beat him to death by smacking him upside the head. It was one of those fights where you lose track of all time and space. At one point (I think it was when I threw my wedding rings across the room), I rose up out of my body and looked down at myself, like who are these two crazy people in my living room? Not one of my proudest moments, I can tell you that.

Things finally started cooling off at about 6 in the morning when, I don't know if it was something he ate or the flu or maybe the fight itself, Bryce starting throwing up like crazy. That effectively ended the fight, and broke the spell it had on us as well.

In other, better news, I've had a few very promising interviews and things are looking good on the job front. Also, my current job has put me on Disability. WTF? Let's review the facts here: I've called in sick for 2 weeks now with a fake illness, and without so much as a doctor's note they put me on Disability? So now they are paying me to sit home and find another job? Man, if I had known it was this easy, I would have done this like a month ago!

And I'm off to get my hair done. On the clock, apparently. Rock on.


Dana Nico said...


Carolynne said...

Hey man, I can't help it that my boss is basically retarded.

TTQ said...

Mental Health Days..better than EAP.

Dana Nico said...

Hahaha, I love it. My bosses are retarded but if I am even gone for one HOUR even sometimes after other people have left for the day THEY WONDER WHERE I AM. I think they think I'm supposed to live there. Now THAT'S retarded.