Friday, September 02, 2005

Footloose and fancy free

Tomorrow I leave to go up north with my family, high gas prices and all. At times like these I really realize that, as much as my family makes me want to pull me teeth out one by one, I'm really lucky that we can take this holiday weekend and trek up to the cabin with them. With everything that's going on down in Mississippi and Louisiana right now, we're lucky to just have solid ground under our feet and foot to eat, let alone be able to head off for a family vacation together.

I'm going to try to hang on to this good cheer when my mom and aunt start yelling at each other over who's washing the dishes, or when my cousin starts in on how he NEEDS to have a car even though he JUST got his license and doesn't have a job with which to pay for the gas for said car, or when my mom says something so utterly ridiculous that blood starts to shoot out of my nose and I reach for the pliers to work on that teeth thing I mentioned earlier.

Right. Now I'm going to go pack.

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