Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The price is wrong, bitch

Deal-breakers. You know, those little things that in-and-of themselves are enough to kill any future potential with someone? I've been thinking about mine today.

Aside from the obvious 'he calls me/his mother/any woman standing nearby a bitch' or 'he has a serious drug problem' or 'he beat the crap out of me that one time', here are my personal deal-breakers:

* fussy eater - if you won't even try that california roll or won't pick up your chicken tenders with your fingers, then we have issues. I mean what else won't you eat or touch with your fingers? One has to wonder.

* fussy about my dog - if you're too worried about getting hair or drool on your pants to get down and pet my dog, how are you going to be with your children someday? I mean seriously. A girl's got to think about these things.

* fussy about my friends - yes, I have a lot of guy friends. Just becuase I have male friends does not mean I am having sex with them.

* fussy around people - I am very social. If crowds scare you or make you uncomfortable, then you and I can probably not party together.

* fussy, in general - I like the sensitive type just as much as the next girl, but if you cry along with me when we're watching The Notebook, it's just not going to work out.

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Tasty said... I like lots of people around, too. If you hate a crowd, it probably will not be a long-term dea.