Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey, with a side of NyQuil

Pretty low-key Thanksgiving this year. Unusually low turn out. I was a little disappointed initially - I have this twisted side that just loves playing hostess - but it ended up being just right.

I usually have this sort of empty feeling after everyone goes home, back to their respective houses and families. I was really looking forward to this year because I had a boyfriend, someone who was living with me, so after everyone left he would still be here. My own little family.

Seeing as I no longer have said boyfriend, said family, I was a little apprehensive about tonight. In the end, I was actually pretty glad when everyone started packing up to leave. I enjoyed the silence, the peace, the aloneness. I curled up with cup of hot tea and a warm blanket and watched a few movies.

So, even though I still miss the boy and the shared companionship of being part of a couple, it was pretty nice in the end.

And now I'm going to drink a large amount of NyQuil and try desperately to stop coughing long enough to get some sleep. And pray I didn't get that bronchitis that Sarah has been moaning about for the past few days.

Good night, and happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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