Friday, March 09, 2007

Spring fever

It's really quiet in my office right now as most everyone is out for a Friday lunch on this almost-spring, semi-warm March afternoon. I'm lingering behind mostly because I brought my lunch and would rather save my money for beer drinking tonight during the MSU basketball game, but also because I enjoy these little moments of quiet during the work-day. It's so rare when this actually happens and I wanted to take advantage.

I've been thinking more and more about leaving Michigan. The economy is slow and depressing. The weather (especially this time of year) is dreary and cold. I don't really feel like there is anything holding me here anymore. I love my family and friends and would definitely miss them, but I'm feeling more and more lately that I need a fresh start. Something about the coming of Spring this year is making me feel antsy - itching for adventure and new beginnings.

My top choices right now are Denver and Portland, Oregon. I want to live somewhere that still has 4 seasons, and also somewhere that has a good, strong economy but where you wake up every morning to mountains in the distance. Someplace where nature and city meet in perfect dichotomy. The Metro-Detroit area is just so downtrodden right now. I think the West and Pacific-North coast are both regions that are doing well, and also still hold that laid-back, 'take it as it comes' attitude that I crave in my life.

So I'm sort of starting to make plans in my head. Plans that are actually starting to take more of a solid shape. It's both exciting and a little scary to be thinking this way. So many possibilities!

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Dana Nico said...

I will go with you.