Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunshine goodness

Today is one of those beginning-of-Spring days that reminds you of why life is oh so very good. This morning I woke up, made some pancakes for myself and the boy, and now I'm sitting here, still in my pajamas, enjoying the delicious smell coming in through the open window to my left.

I have to run 10 miles today, trying to get in shape for a marathon I'm running in the end of May. Considering that I've been training in 10 and 20-degree weather, this 50-something day couldn't be a better way to do my first long run.

I'm just loving life so much today.


Dana Nico said...

run away with me

Carolynne said...

Seriously. Let's.

SpringfieldSmallDogGroup said...

Hey this is Amanda, I used to be on LJ (properprose).

I know that last year you went on an Alaskan Cruise --- (the pictures were wonderful). I’m thinking about going on a cruise next year with my mom for both our birthdays. I’m particularly interested in an Alaskan cruise over any other cruise. I am curious… which cruise line were you on? What was the weather like there? Do you have any suggestions or advice you can give me while I’m researching this possible trip.

Carolynne said...

Hey, Amanda! I tried to find your blog to reply directly to you, but I can't seem to locate you. Hopefully, you get this message here. =)

I took Holland America, which is one of the smallest ships size-wise, and I loved it. You get more personal attention, and the ship itself is just less crowded and crazy. Plus they can pull up much closer to the glaciers when cruising. I highly recommend that cruise-line.

We went Memorial weekend through the beginning of June, and the weather couldn't have been better. Because much of the coast is a rain forest it rains quite a bit, but we were there during the "dry" season so we only saw rain 2 days out of our 16.

I'd love to offer you any advice that I can! Email me at and we can better talk about it. =)