Tuesday, March 13, 2007

6 weird things about me

(stolen from Dana)

1. I hate feet. They freak me out totally. I can't even imagine them touching my skin or I get the heebie-jeebies. It's something about the nails I think. They are SO much worse than fingernails.

2. I'm oddly claustrophobic. It's not all the time, but in certain situations I get all weird. Like in a movie theater, I totally have to sit on the end. Or in bed, I always have to sleep in the side that is closest to the door and isn't against a wall or anything. It's like I need an easy escape route or something.

3. I CAN'T STAND that sound a cell-phone makes when the battery is dying. You know those people, who leave their phone on even though the battery is low, just in case "someone needs to get in touch with" them, so it just keeps making that low-battery noise over and over again for hours? I want to punch them. That sound is like my cryptonite. It drives me freaking insane.

4. I am fiercely competitive. I mean about everything. Like today I was sitting at a stop light and a girl in the little Toyota sitting next to me started inching up and I was all, "Oh, it's on, bitch." I can't even let someone beat me off a green traffic light.

5. I love eating SunChips by dipping them in cottage cheese. Yum.

6. I'm a bit of a grammar Nazi. I freak out when people don't know the proper usage of your and you're, or used words like irregardless and supposably, or spell the word through as "thru". And when people misuse the word ironic, it sends me over the edge. It's proper english people; use it.