Thursday, March 22, 2007

Good lord, is it the weekend yet?

I had to get out of my office this afternoon, and I always get so distracted when I try to work from home (tivo!), so I'm sitting in the Barnes and Noble Cafe being one of those pretentious, I'm-so-important-that-I need-to-type-on-my-laptop-while-others-watch people today. I even have my hair twisted up with a pencil, I'm so haughty and intellectual.

I'm also trying to sip my coffee with an air of disdain.

This place is really packed today. Maybe it's the rainy weather outside right now. Personally, I love rainy days. Especially those early-spring days where it feels like mother nature is trying to wash away what's left of the winter. Go on and get, I say! Winter and I are no longer on speaking terms since last week when it went from 65-degrees, grilling chicken outside, wearing shorts and a t-shirt weather to snow blanketing everything in less than 24 hours. That is what I like to call bullshit. And I am sick of this bullshit snow. I am so ready for Spring. I need sun and warm breezes through open windows. Enough with winter already.

Why does it smell like popcorn in here?

What work am I getting done, you might ask? Well, none, now that you mention it. Perhaps I should try and be a little productive already.


Deonna said...

i would have posted on your latest post, but couldn't. besides, that's not really what this is about...

do you do mortgages? because i am shopping around for one.

-Deonna aka revelation8

Carolynne said...

I do indeed do mortgages, and I'd love to help you out! Are you looking to buy a house?

TroyBoy said...

Howdy, I like you're blogsite. Okay, that was test to see just how much of a grammar Nazi you truly are. I hope you don't mind if I add you to my blog role. I am still new at all of this blogging stuff a friend of mine, and fellow blogger, said this is how to get my feet wet in the world of blogging. Should I take my shoes off first?

Carolynne said...

Troyboy, no need to take your shoes off! Nothing as formal as that here at my site.

I'm flattered that you want to add me to your blog role. Add away! And I will be checking out your blog as well. =)