Monday, April 16, 2007

Tin soldiers and Nixon's coming

This whole Virgina Tech thing has gotten me all worked up this afternoon. I can't stop refreshing CNN, watching as the story progresses. 32 students dead. I can't help but imagine what it would have been like if something like this had happened when I was at Michigan State. How would it have been to be wandering around my dorm room or just sitting in class, and hear gunshots ring through the air. How would I have handled it?

It's the kind of thing that makes you realize how life really is what you make of it. I'm sure none of those students had any idea upon waking this morning that something like this was going to happen. All you can do is live and enjoy life as much as possible.

I've decided today to think about and focus on all the great things I have in my life and all the reasons that I have to be happy. It's important that we enjoy what we can while we still can. I invite you all to do the same.

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