Monday, July 23, 2007

The Crazies

I feel so trapped in my life right now.

I feel boxed in on all sides, suffocated, locked up. Even in my own house, where I have always felt content and settled, I feel completely claustrophobic. Nothing feels comfortable anymore. I can't relax.

I've gone through periods like this before, but never this bad. Usually there is at least something I can turn to that soothes my restless soul - music, cooking, a really good book - but nothing seems to be working right now. Nothing makes me feel happy or at ease.

I want to get out of here - leave my life for a few days and just get out of town. But at the same time I want to crawl into my bed, surrounded by my blankets and pillows and the smell of my own life, and sleep for days, enveloped in all of it.

I feel like I'm crawling out of my skin.


Dana Nico said...

oh my angel. we will talk and drink and figure out our lives - TOGETHER. As a couple.

These periods suck (I'm in one as well). But as long as we have vodka we are set.

Carolynne said...

Vodka IS the answer! =)

stephanie said...

it must be something in the air -- i just went through this kind-of thing. it took a little over a month to really get over it.

it also might be tne newly-married thing. it's a huge change to settle down. i felt excited, but weird about it. i am really happy about it now....hope you feel better.

and vodka is most certainly a good answer. mix it with zing zang bloody mary mix and you're all set.

TTQ said...

I get that way too. More than I would like too, sometimes it's fun to wallow around being angst ridden and dramatic. Other times it just sucks.