Thursday, September 20, 2007

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Started the new job on Monday. Right now my only duties are to sit in a room with 3 other new hires and study to pass my Series 6 Licensing Test.

We sit in this room for 8 hours a day.
This room has no windows.
This room has florescent lighting that make us all look jaundiced.
This room feels like a basement dungeon straight out of Silence of the Lambs.
It rubs the lotion on its skin.
This room makes us all a little insane.

The other day our book had an example using a man named Phil (otherwise known to his friends as "Fast Philly" or "Phil the Deadbeat"). This made us laugh for like 20 minutes straight. Good old Phil the Deadbeat. What a great guy! Even typing it now is making me laugh. Is it actually funny - the fact that a textbook would print this jargon? Or is it funny because I'm mostly reading about things like call buying and dividends and preferred purchase stocks? ... I shall leave that for you to decide.

I'll be over here in the corner, crying a little bit.


Dave said...

I remember that room. I played a lot of cell phone video games to get me through that.

Carolynne said...

actually, I'm at the Warren training branch - not to far from you.

Dave said...

I thought I sensed your presence.