Friday, September 21, 2007

Check. Check. 1,2,3.

It's been awhile since I've enjoyed the quietness of having the whole house to myself on a Friday night. Bryce is out at a bachelor party and I'm sitting here, with my belly full of tai food, watching episodes of Dead Like Me while my toe-nail polish dries. If I was any more content right now, I would be purring.

I got out of work early today because there was a carnival in our parking lot. Seriously, there was literally a huge festival set up in the parking lot behind and on both sides of our building today. Apparently, it was the city's 50th birthday, or something. At about 2 they started sound-checking the music stage 500 feet away from the office in which I was trying to read about whole life insurance policies and variable annuities. Let's just say it's pretty hard to concentrate with someone playing the drums so loud that my desk is actually vibrating. Thank god they noticed and finally let us out at about 4:15.

I'm especially glad it's the weekend because I don't think my brain can hold any more information right now. We have reached capacity, folks. Plus I have about a hundred thank you notes to finish from our reception party. I really need to get those done and mailed already.

But not tonight. Tonight is for relaxing and doing nothing of consequence. Now I'm going to go back to watching my toe-nails dry. Have a good weekend, everyone!


TTQ said...

I wanna work at a carnival..

Carolynne said...

Yeah? Like as one of the ride operators?