Thursday, October 18, 2007

Good things

Maybe it's the weather, or maybe it's just sitting in an office with yellow lighting all day, every day trying to digest some of the most boring study material ever created, but I've been kind of down the past few days. So in the spirit of getting over it already I've decided to make a list of all the things that are great in my life right now.

1. I passed my Series 6! In fact, I owned that test. Best score out of my whole group. Boo-yah.

2. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia seasons 1 and 2 are out on DVD. If you aren't watching this show yet, seriously, what is wrong with you?

3. Today is Thursday, which every college student knows is the unofficial start to the weekend.

4. Tomorrow is Friday!

5. Saturday, Bryce and I are set to drive out to Ann Arbor to hit up the Farmer's Market, Zingerman's, and hopefully a cider mill to get some delicious cider and donuts and a few pumpkins for Halloween.

6. Speaking of Halloween, I really need to get moving on my naughty Girl Scout costume. Our party is only one week away, and I plan on having the BEST costume. Or maybe just the naughtiest. We shall see.

7. Oh yeah, Bryce and I are throwing a Halloween party this year that is sure to kick ass. As always.

8. It's fall - which is, as everyone knows, my favorite time of year. And this year has been no exception. I can't wait to get out and take some pictures of the beautiful colors we've been experiencing.

9. Bryce and I bought a pretty new fire pit for out backyard. Tonight, if the rain lets up, we're going to have our first bonfire.

10. Making lists is fun!

11. I've just effectively killed an hour of my morning blogging. Go me.

12. Now I'm going to go read my new Food and Wine magazine (the Thanksgiving issue!). That should get me through until lunch, at least.

13. For lunch I'm going out for yummy Thai food. Mmmm.

14. Okay, I'm really going to go try to be productive now.


TTQ said...

My big sis went to UM for her Master's & Doctorate. I would come live with her in the winter every couple of years (Florida sucks being sunny year round). We love us some Zingerman's and Nemos. Good times, good times.

soapy t said...

i love fall. i am sad. you made me not think about things