Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday Randomness

My friend Laura was telling me today about this game that she invented that she was playing with the guy she's dating, which basically involved the two of them coming up with 10 really random things about themselves (as random as possible) and then rapid-firing the list back and forth between each other without pausing. I thought that was a pretty fun way to get to know somebody so I told Bryce that we were playing it this weekend.

I know that I already know Bryce - I mean I married the guy, right? - but that's the best part about this game. If you pick random enough stuff, even someone that's known you for years could be surprised. And amused.

So I've been sitting here today coming up with my list and I thought I would post it here:

1. When I was younger, my biggest wish was to sing the National Anthem at a Detroit Tiger's game.
2. Once in college I completely forgot to show up for one of my finals. I got a 4.0 in the class. I have no idea how.
3. Before I can fall asleep I have to crack the big toe on my right foot.
4. One time, while camping with my family, I was butted by a goat that had wandered onto our campsite.
5. I've worn the same size shoes since I was in the 6th grade.
6. I've been known to eat jars of babyfood because I like how they taste.
7. When I was in kindergarden, my IQ tested at a genius level.
8. Once in college I was so drunk that I fell backwards on the dance-floor, right out of my shoes.
9. When I was little my big celebrity cruse was Michael J. Fox because we have the same birthday.
10. Because of a video I saw in the 3rd grade I thought babies were made when you sat really, really close to someone else, so for a long time I was scared to sit even near a boy for fear of getting pregnant.

Now, your turn!


steph said...

oh my god! my best friend and i used to eat baby food all the time! peach cobbler and apple were the best by far!

Carolynne said...

Oh man, peach cobbler was my favorite!